Optical Coating Materials


EOSOLOGY currently focuses its main efforts on developing, manufacturing and promoting the coating materials for optical and electrical films, optical single crystal bulks, single crystal substrates and bulks as well as sputtering targets. These materials are widely used in optical and electrical devices, semiconductor devices, laser devices, superconductor devices and also have important applications in energy and environmental industries.

We are developing and manufacturing these materials in cooperation with a number of famous universities and research institutions. Especially, the single crystals are developed by a worldwide famous research institution. Our products are mainly manufactured outside Japan for the cost reduction. After many years of diligent development, we boast now a quite good and high quality lineup of the materials which covers wide range of nonmetallic and metallic compounds including oxides, metals, alloys semiconductors and rare-earth related materials. These materials can also be categorized into single crystals, poly-crystals, semiconductors and metals by structures. With outstanding quality and excellent services, our products are currently being sold widely in some of the European countries, Russia, South Korea and Taiwan. In Japan, our customers also include some big companies and famous universities as well as research institutions such as the University of Tokyo.

Business Schemes

Apart from the aforementioned businesses, we also offer the following services for our customers:

We will make every effort to continuously develop and manufacture new materials so as to fully satisfy the requirements and needs from our customers and the markets.